Brought together by the local music scene of Dresden, 4 jazz musicians, connected by their love for hiphop beats, were joined by the soulful singer-songwriter Christine Seraphin from NYC. After a few years of finding the perfect blend of their influences, SERALEEZ was born in the middle of organic saxophone lines by Jonathan Strauch, massive low end bass grooves by Phillip Oertel, pumping drum beats by Stephan Salewski and shimmering soundscapes by keyboardist Christian Keymer. With the lyrical melodies and the powerful voice of Christine Seraphin, jazzy harmonies and advanced song structures conflated into a sound, paying hommage to the inventors of the old school while catapulting towards undiscovered territory. Their future soul debut album “Good Life” (Agogo Records, 2016), has been featured and praised by many radio stations (Berlin FM, Radio 1, Funkhaus Europa), magazines (Jazzthing, Jazzpodium) and several online reviews. SERALEEZ is now a Berlin-based band, touring live domestically and abroad, reaching sophisticated listeners as well as their natural desire to move their bodies.